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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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with this item on the agenda. first of all, there was no request for a proposal by the department of public health to ascertain whether or not dph could get cheaper rental space for sro tenants or get better habitable space for tenants. i would urge you to request the department of public health, when they seek space for sro tenants, that there be a request for proposal, not a contract to a nonprofit named dish. as you can see, as indicated to the gentleman to the right of me, these units are 8% higher.
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it is true this sro has a bathroom facility for each tenant, but others also have a bathroom. finally, i would say this. you are requesting that the tenant pays 50% of their income for their space. so any cost will be passed on to the tenants. that is probably not a good idea either. i urge you, when you give out contracts through dph, that you mandate at a minimum they have a request for proposal. supervisor avalos: thank you. seeing none, public comment is closed.
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-- is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. forward with recommendations. item five please. >> ordinance authorizing the mayor's office to reward john doe $10,000 for providing information that led to the arrest of a criminal defendant. supervisor avalos: any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. motion to move forward with recommendations. without objection. item six. >> resolution approving the professional services agreement, airport contract 9015.1 master architect for replacement air traffic control tower/terminal 1 complex redevelopment program between howard, needles, tammen & bergendoff, and the city and county of san francisco, acting by and through its airport commission, in the lump sum amount of $11,704,955, and a contingency
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budget of $1,626,412 for airport and faa requested changes, pursuant to san francisco charter section 9.118(b). supervisor avalos: let's call items 7 and 8 as well. all the airport items. >> item 7. resolution approving the international terminal museum/gallery store lease between san francisco museum of modern art and the city and county of san francisco, acting by and through its airport commission. item eight. ordinance establishing a special fund to receive donations and authorizing expenditures for the purpose of holding events to promote the opening of the newly renovated terminal 2 of the san francisco international airport; and deleting obsolete provisions. supervisor avalos: ms. widener, welcome. >> thank you. kathy widener with e san francisco international airport. i will start with item six which
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is seeking your approval for a professional services agreement howard, needles, tammen & bergendoff. the contract is to provide master architect services for the replacement of the airport's air traffic control tower and terminal 1 complex redevelopment program. the full board has approved a number of items related to the tower, including our other transaction agreement with the federal government which allows us to be reimbursed for the tower cost, as well as fiscal feasibility items on the tower. this item is before you because of the contract and when we believe will be in excess of $10 million. as the title suggests, it is to provide master architect services for the tower as well as terminal one. the tower will sit in a courtyard between terminal two and terminal 1, integrated portions of terminal two that will be impacted. the tower project is 100%
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reimbursable from the federal government, but portions from the term of one project will be the responsibility of the airport. that is included in the budget. the contract is the result of a competitive rfp process with howard, needles, tammen & bergendoff scoring the highest. the budget analyst has recommended approval. supervisor avalos: mr. rose, if you want to comment on item six. >> as our report points out, although this was a competitive proposal, it was not based on cost. however, we concur with the department, because this was a professional services contract, it was based on experience and qualifications. there is also, as the engine, a
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contingency amount of 13.9%, about $1.6 million. that is how we get to the $13 million, plus the contingency. we also point out this is for a term of according to the agreement for up to 10 years. this specific agreement is for a term of 1095 days, approximately three years. finally, regarding the cost, when the airport submitted this in the rfp, they estimated the cost would be $9 million. it turns out, excluding contingencies, it is about $11.7 million. we asked for an explanation and we have an attachment to our report, beginning on page 6, which explains -- the bottom
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line is the airport underestimated the scope of this project. that is why there was an additional $2.7 million. however, given the fact that i mentioned cost was not considered, it does not way into the overall evaluation of who was the winning proposal. therefore, our recommendation on page five is to amend the resolution to specify that the term of the agreement is for 1095 days, instead of approximately 10 years -- not to exceed 10 years -- and that you approve the resolution as amended. supervisor avalos: thank you. let's move on to item seven. >> item 7 is a new 10-year lease agreement with the san francisco museum of modern art for 2282 square feet of retail
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space in the international terminal. sfmoma is the current operator of this space. they have held the lease since 2001. the original term expired in 2006, but as you may remember, many of the retail and food and beverage services were extended as part of our program after 9/11, which allowed this police and others a onetime five-year extension. the proposed lease is a result of a competitive rfp process where sfmoma was the only proposal. a panel evaluated the proposal and found to be responsive and responsible. according to airport concession revenues that, there was targeted outreach to many different museums in san francisco to try to get more
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than one proposal, but given the economic reality of retail sales, we only received one proposal from san francisco moma. the new lease carries a percentage either based on gross revenue sales or a minimum annual guaranteed. in this case, the minimum annual guarantee is 1200 $500 -- $12,500. the existing mac for the lease is $175,000 has proposed to the proposed lease for $125,000. airport staff believes the $125,000 is fair market rent for the space, and is realistic based on the sales we have seen there in the past few years. the budget analyst recommends approval. i would be happy to answer any
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questions. supervisor avalos: mr. rose. >> as ms. widener points out, the minimum annual guarantee would go down $50,000, but there was only one proposal don. however, i do have a question on this. my understanding -- and it would not change my recommendation -- was that competition was based on the minimum annual guaranteed and it was the percentage rent that was set by the airport. if the committee wants to just confirm that, that might add to the discussion. we also point out, that under the agreement, the airport estimates they will see a percentage rent. that is $131,000, which would
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be $6,000 more than the minimum and no guarantee of $125,000. we recommend you approve this resolution. supervisor avalos: thank you. on his question about the rfp process? >> it is my understanding the rfp contained language similar to other retail leases that have come to you it's to youa mag, as well as a percentage growth revenue and that the rate is greater than either. mr. rose is correct that based on sales, sfmoma will be paying their percentage rent paying theirtheir mag. item a8 is an ordinance that
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would amend the city code to delete a previous code established by the airport around the promotions around the new international terminal and replace it with a new promotional fund for events and promotions around the opening of our terminal 2. the establishment of a special fund by department is allowed by city administered the code section 10.100-10 and gives the airport a mechanism to collect private donations and spending from the account consistent with the specified purposes of the account. it also allows us to carry forward any unexpected or -- an expanded balances at the end of the fiscal year. the t2 promotional fund will be used to promote marketing activities related to the spring opening of the terminal. the airport has a fund-raising goal of approximately $600,000 from private donations.
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i believe we will also spend $400,000 of airport revenue as part of the current marketing communications budget. as stated in the ordinance, the airport will submit to the board of supervisors and budget analyst a written report of revenues and expenditures from the fund on a bimonthly basis until the fund expires at the end of december 2011. i am happy to answer any questions. supervisor avalos: mr. rose. >> as stated, there is an estimate of about $600,000 in private donations. actually, they have commitments of $430,000. those commitments for each individual entity is shown on page five of the report in attachment one. together with the estimate of $600,000, the money that the
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board of supervisors have previously approved for activities, a total of $980,000 that would be expanded -- expended. we recommend you approve the ordinance. supervisor avalos: thank you, mr. rose. let's open up these three items to public comment. items six through eight. >> good luck with the airport photographed i realize this is your last meeting here today i want to thank you for all your work and have you tried so hard every day i hope we are looking better in the budget i would like to have a budget to hold as the years go by and we grow old today
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thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. i have never been serenaded before. is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. motion to make the amendments on item 6 to make the maximum length of time 1095 days. the other two we will move forward witho recommendations. >> you also recommend as amended item six. supervisor avalos: thank you. item nine. >> resolution authorizing the department of public works to accept and expend $11,553,000 in federal surface transportation program and/or congestion mitigation and air quality improvement funds awarded through the metropolitan transportation commission's congestion management agency block grant program.
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supervisor avalos: good morning. >> good morning, supervisors. this is a resolution for except /expend for four projects. these projects were awarded the $11.5 million last june. it was surface transportation programs and or congestion mitigation air quality improvement funds. this is going through the congestion management agency block grant program. in september, the board of supervisors approved a resolution for these projects. the four projects are folsom st., bage, 2nd street streetscape, broadway streetscape face three -- phase 3, and ,marina bike trails.
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supervisor avalos: thank you. is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? >> i sure hope you do not run out of money for this item right now i know you were brought before but i hope you have some i hope you are not out of love and money and do not get lost without you i know you were late with a payment before i hope you have money for this clean air item i hope you can do that today supervisor avalos: thank you. we will close public comment. move forward with recommendations.
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item 10 please. >> resolution regarding fillmore jazz community benefit district annual reports to the city: receiving and approving the district's annual reports for district fys 2007, 2008, and 2009, which include the district's proposed budget for district fy2010, as submitted pursuant to section 36650 of the business property and community benefit act of 1994 (california streets and highways code 36600 et seq.) and section 3.4 of the district's management contract with the city. supervisor avalos: thank you, victor. do we have someone to present? going on to public comment. >> regarding community benefit districts, city-wide, the
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mayor's office of economic work force is advising the community benefit districts that they do not have to comply with the city's sunshine ordinance. there is some confusion in the streets and highways state code that says commanding benefit districts are not public entities, so the mayor's office is advising the community benefit districts that do not have to comply with the sunshine ordinance. i went to the sunshine ordinance task force regarding the north market meeting and convinced them because community districts receive grants from the city, their collection agency is a city department. they are subject to the city's sunshine ordinance. so my suggestion to you is when you approve resolutions
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regarding any community benefit district that comes before you, you include in your resolution that they comply with the city's sunshine ordinance. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker please. >> a lot the the film more gas tonight and don't let the budget out of sight luck that we had a jazz fillmore to begin with luck gave you the fillmore tonight supervisor avalos: what a guy. we will close public comment. move forward with recommendations. without objection. mr. young, do we have any other items? >> that complete to the agenda. supervisor avalos: we are
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adjourned. >> there has been an acknowledgement of the special places around san francisco bay. well, there is something sort of innate in human beings, i think, that tend to recognize a good spot when you see it, a spot that takes your breath away. this is one of them. >> an icon of the new deal. >> we stood here a week ago and we heard all of these
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dignitaries talk about the symbol that coit tower is for san francisco. it's interesting for those of us in the pioneer park project is trying to make the point that not only the tower, not only this man-built edifice here is a symbol of the city but also the green space on which it sits and the hill to which is rests. to understand them, you have to understand the topography of san francisco. early days of the city, the city grows up in what is the financial district on the edge of chinatown. everything they rely on for existence is the golden gate. it's of massive importance to the people what comes in and out of san francisco bay. they can't see it where they are. they get the idea to build a giant wooden structure. the years that it was up here, it gave the name telegraph hill. it survived although the
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structure is long gone. come to the 1870's and the city has growed up remarkably. it's fueled with money from the nevada silver mines and the gold rush. it's trying to be the paris of the west. now the beach is the suburbs, the we will their people lived on the bottom and the poorest people lived on the top because it was very hard getting to the top of telegraph hill. it was mostly lean-to sharks and bits of pieces of houses up here in the beginning. and a group of 20 businessmen decided that it would be better if the top of the hill remained for the public. so they put their money down and they bought four lots at the top of the hill and they gave them to the city. lily hitchcock coit died without leaving a specific use for her bequest. she left a third of her estate for the beautify indication of the city. arthur brown, noted architect in the city, wanted for a while to build a tower. he had become very interested
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in persian towers. it was the 1930's. it was all about machinery and sort of this amazing architecture, very powerful architecture. he convinced the rec park commission that building a tower in her memory would be the thing to do with her money. >> it was going to be a wonderful observation place because it was one of the highest hills in the city anywhere and that that was the whole reason why it was built that high and had the elevator access immediately from the beginning as part of its features. >> my fear's studio was just down the street steps. we were in a very small apartment and that was our backyard. when they were preparing the site for the coit tower, there was always a lot of harping and griping about how awful progress was and why they would choose this beautiful pristine
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area to do them in was a big question. as soon as the coit tower was getting finished and someone put in the idea that it should be used for art, then, all of a sudden, he was excited about the coit tower. it became almost like a daily destination for him to enjoy the atmosphere no matter what the politics, that wasn't the point. as long as they fit in and did their work and did their own creative expression, that was all that was required. they turned in their drawings. the drawings were accepted. if they snuck something in, well, there weren't going to be any stoolies around. they made such careful little
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diagrams of every possible little thing about it as though that was just so important and that they were just the big frog. and, actually, no one ever felt that way about them and they weren't considered something like that. in later life when people would approach me and say, well, what did you know about it? we were with him almost every day and his children, we grew up together and we didn't think of him as a commie and also the same with the other. he was just a family man doing normal things. no one thought anything of what he was doing. some of them were much more highly trained. it shows, in my estimation, in the murals. this was one of the
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masterpieces. families at home was a lot more close to the life that i can remember that we lived. murals on the upper floors like the children playing on the swings and i think the little deer in the forest where you could come and see them in the woods and the sports that were always available, i think it did express the best part of our lives. things that weren't costing money to do, you would go to a picnic on the beach or you would do something in the woods. my favorite of all is in the staircase. it's almost a miracle masterpiece how he could manage to not only fit everyone, of course, a lot of them i recognized from my childhood -- it's how he juxtaposed and managed to kind of climb up
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that stairway on either side very much like you are walking down a street. it was incredible to do that and to me, that is what depicted the life of the times in san francisco. i even like the ones that show the industrial areas, the once with the workers showing them in the cannery and i can remember going in there and seeing these women with the caps, with the nets shuffling these cans through. my parents had a ranch in santa rosa and we went there all summer. i could see these people leaning over and checking. it looked exactly like the beautiful things about the ranch. i think he was pretty much in the never look back philosophy about the coit. i don't think he ever went to
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visit again after we moved from telegraph hill, which was only five or six years later. i don't think he ever had to see it when the initials are scratched into everything and people had literally destroyed the lower half of everything. >> well, in my view, the tower had been pretty much neglected from the 1930's up until the 1980's. it wasn't until then that really enough people began to be alarmed about the condition of the murals, the tower was leaking. some of the murals suffered wear damage. we really began to organize getting funding through the arts commission and various other sources to restore the murals. they don't have that connection or thread or maintain that connection to your history and your past, what do you have? that's one of the major elements of what makes quality of


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